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I graduated as a Master in Physiotherapy at Catholic University of Leuven in 2001.
In 2007 I qualified as an osteopath at the International Academy of Osteopathy (IAO) and in 2011 as a Master of Science in Osteopathy at the health university of applied sciences Tyrol. After working for 10 years in orthopedic rehabilitation in Bavaria (Germany) I gained more practical experience in Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland. Parallel to the work at the clinic I’ve been a docent of Osteopathic Medicine for more than 12 years now as well as Vice Principal at the IAO.
Looking forward to see you.


• Master of Science in Osteopathy (M.Sc.Ost.) – Fh Gesundheit Tyrol (FhG)
• Diploma in Osteopathy (D.O.) – International Academy of Osteopathy (IAO)
• Master in Locomotory Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy – Catholic University of Leuven (KULeuven)
• Teacher at the International Academy of Osteopathy (IAO) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Egypt
• Vice Principal at the International Academy of Osteopathy


Osteopathy is a manual therapy-method and focuses on joints but also on other tissues (e.g. muscle, connective tissue, nerves…).
You can visit an osteopath with issues of the locomotor system (e.g. low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain…).
But functional problems of the gastro-intestinal tract, circulatory system… are also issues that your osteopath might be able to help you with. The techniques that are used are manipulations, mobilisations, connective tissue techniques…  The osteopath is a “first contact” health care professional, this means that as a patient, you don’t need a referral of your general practitioner but that there will always be a close cooperation between the both of them.
A perfect example of such a cooperation is the one between Berlaymont Health Centre and Osteobrussels.be where osteopathy is integrated in a multidisciplinary centre of doctors, psychologists, dieticians, paediatricians, physiotherapists…

All osteopaths registered by the Ministry of Health, like myself, are recognised by health care insurances to receive reimbursement for their patients. The osteopath is granted an approval number (095…) and reimbursement is a minimum of 5*10euro and a maximum of 10*10euro, depending on the your health insurance.